Christina Galioto Shares Tips on How to Nail Your Next Audition or Casting Call

From starring in the best TV shows to walking the runway for the world’s top brands, the life of a celebrity could hands down be one of the most sought after lifestyles in the world. The way some of your favorite actors and models command the stage looks effortless. However, it wasn’t a cake walk to get to the catwalk. Getting to that point took hard work, time, and endless amounts of auditions and casting calls.

When it comes to discussing hard work and what it takes to achieving your goals, Christina Galioto is no stranger to the game. As one of the most dynamic models in the industry, Christina Galioto didn’t just become a worldwide sensation overnight. She dedicated time and energy and made numerous sacrifices to reach her level of success. Having been signed to agencies across the world, Christina has been on her fair share of casting calls, some good and some bad. Here, Christina shares a few tips that the budding model or actor should keep in mind on their next audition.

For starters, casting calls and auditions are job interviews. You may not be wearing a formal suit and tie like you would in corporate America, but it’s an interview nonetheless. It’s important that you keep this in mind when you arrive. Don’t be late, chew gum, or arrive looking disheveled. Give yourself plenty of time to get yourself together before entering the room.

It’s easy to be intimidated when in such a high pressure situation, especially if you’re new to the industry. Your goal is to show why you deserve the role in their movie or to wear their latest designs on the runway. They need you as much as you need them. Never shy away from who you are or shrink into the background. You want to make an impression and being yourself is the best way to do that. Let your personality shine through and have fun. Make the role or the runway your own.

Finally, expect the unexpected. You could practice your walk or your lines as much as you want, but things happen and curveballs are thrown. There are a number of last minute changes that could occur in your audition, from a switch in location, elements, or even the script. It’s a good idea to expect the unexpected so that you aren’t caught off guard when the unexpected does occur.

One casting call after another, one rejection after another, the process of reaching your dreams takes time. Keep these three tips from Christina Galioto in mind to help you on your next audition or casting call.