Christina Galioto’s Beginners Guide to Veganism

Christina Galioto

Veganism is more than a buzzword. It’s more than following in the footsteps of your favorite celebrities or writing it off as another trend. Veganism is a lifestyle. It goes beyond just changing your eating habits, but also includes what you wear and how you think. In essence, Veganism is a cruelty-free way of living that is as eco-friendly as it is holistically healthier.

In more recent years, vegan chef Christina Galioto, has discovered that plenty of people want to become vegan, but they are unsure where or how to start. That is why she put together this simple beginner’s guide as a great jumping off point for newbies.

When you first approach the concept of becoming vegan, understand that it is a gradual change. It’s a marathon, not a race. The number one problem that many new vegans face when changing is their own mentality. They approach veganism from the perspective of making an immediate change instead of letting it evolve. Many new vegans become so caught up in the “strict rules” that are quite often linked with veganism, they become anxious and no longer stick with it. Yes, it is important to do your research, but also have fun in the process.

Many people associate veganism with a list of foods that they can no longer eat. They immediately begin to think of the meats they’ll miss out at family barbecues and having to give up eating out. Change this approach. Instead of thinking about what you can’t eat, think about what you can eat. While you may no longer have meats to rely on, there are plenty of other delicious foods and great vegan recipes available.

Additionally, shake the myth that vegans miss out on important vitamins and nutrients by not eating meats. While it is important to still take your vitamins and nutrient supplements, being a vegan does not mean deprivation. Veganism is not a new concept. Since the beginning of time, people have lived on a plant-based, cruelty-free diet. Just like there are gluten-free versions of foods, there also exist vegan options for some popular foods and snacks. If you still feel skeptical about using those products and prefer to cook your own (which is essentially healthier) substitutions do exist for some of your most commonly used ingredients and meats.

Taking the first steps to becoming vegan can seem tricky and confusing, but it’s really simple. Christina Galioto has been a vegan for many years and hasn’t looked back. For more information and tips on living your best vegan life, be sure to follow Christina Galioto’s blog!