Christina Galioto

Christina Galioto

Christina Galioto is an American model, writer, vegan chef, and avid adventurer, who inspires others to follow their dreams and live their best life. She promotes living a healthy lifestyle and educates her followers on how their daily choices can affect their health and the world around them.

Who Christina is today has been largely shaped by her early years as a model. She was signed to top agencies in New York City and Miami at a young age. She has modeled for many luxury clothing lines, including Gucci, Marciano, Bebe, Betsey Johnson, and Fernando Alberto and has been featured in popular magazines like Vogue, Elle, LA Fashion, and Apparel News.

However, much of her early career was spent living a luxurious lifestyle surrounded by fellow supermodels, yachts, and millionaires. In this world partying and drug use was encouraged, not frowned upon. The experiences she endured forced her to grow up fast. Looking back, Christina says she is thankful for these lessons though, as they have helped shape who she is today.

Older and wiser, Christina now enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. For 10 years, she’s performed body experiments, which have allowed her to discover what truly makes a healthy existence. She enjoys sharing her discoveries with her followers to help them be healthy too— both physically and mentally.

Aside from her modeling career, Christina Galioto started writing travel articles and blogs about her adventures to exotic places. Christina is a frequent traveler and often receives messages asking her how to travel like a pro, where to shop, what beauty products she uses, and how to be a vegan on the go. Readers look to Christina as their go-to resource for health, travel, and fashion advice.  She is currently writing a vegan cookbook, The Vegan Gypsy, which features international vegan recipes. A talented writer, Christina is able to share her insight and experiences with her followers, and she takes pride in inspiring others to be themselves, live healthy, and follow their dreams.